Wednesday, February 18, 2009

He arrived...

I was with my friend all Sunday (literally) while she was in labour. I met her and her partner at the hospital around 1:30am. By midday Sunday it was decided that the baby was never going to come out naturally so she went in for a C section. When I saw her all drugged out in her room in the maternity ward after the surgery, I was so overwhelmed with the relief that she and her new son were alive and well. Watching my best friend go through so much pain was horrific...And for so long. She never once complained. I can't believe she remained to calm through it all.

I still can't quite put into words all my thoughts. What an intense experience. The memory of her writhing in pain is all I see now when I see a pregnant woman in the street. Hopefully this memory will fade as did my memories of the births of my sons. Now when I think of my child birth experiences I only think of the joy and relief at the end. I hope the same will be so for her.

Seeing her son on her breast was amazing. He had know idea of all the drama that had surrounded his arrival. He looked so at home and at peace. It was at that point I remembered all those feelings of intimacy and motherhood I had felt too. It's something I hope I will never forget.

But I still hope I never have to go through another labour. I'm glad I've "been there, done that." Just need to make that more permanent now. Because i was at the hospital all night and day I didn't take my "pill". Just need to remember that...Because that would be an irony wouldn't it?

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