Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Arrr...I"m sick and tired of feeling sick and tired. My kids seem to know I'm weak and like hyenas they are circling and tormenting me. Nothing is simple. Instructions need to be repeated continuously and often yelling ensues. Regretfully often my own.

I find in times like this I long for a small house in the country with only the sound of birds and the occasional distant farm animal. My house would be clean and ordered and smell like fresh flowers or home cooking. I would sit on my veranda in a big swing chair with a book or a journal to write in, sipping my Earl Grey from a china tea cup. White with delicate pink or light green floral design. I can hear the clink of my cup coming to rest on the saucer.....My happy place. Ha! how mummsy of me.


Annie Blackberry said...

I could have wriiten this post - the bit about the house and everything on from there - wow, wow, wow, I love it. never come across someone who feels just exactly as you do about the whole second paragraph down to the china pattern!!!

Thank you for following my blog!

Annie xx

Sally said...

Haha...Thanks Annie...Feels somewhat a relief to know someone "heard" about my "state-of-mind" yesterday. Haha.

LOVE your jewelery by the way. Might convince my husband to treat me to some. ; )

carlie_star said...

I love the dream there peace and quiet, order, a rythym to life. We often get people comment that we live in paradise and it is it's just hard to see it all the time. Though I have those moments of tranquility at times real life keeps butting in with its incessant demands on my time. How rude...

Am using my blog to explore my ideas about art love and spirituality. Would love you to stop by and share with me where your wanderings have led you lately. I'm at http://carliestar.blogspot.com/