Monday, April 25, 2011

Mind Photos

Whenever I learn new information I take a "mind photo" of whatever I happen to be looking at at that moment. Here are some descriptions of a few mind photos I have taken over the years. Randomly selected examples. (I am thinking I might make this into a visual art piece somehow.)

As a preschooler my mother scorns me for using the "N" word in a childhood ditty. When I question her on it she tells me the "N" word is a very bad name for a black man. I think, "Why would there be a bad name for a black man?" - Close up, straight on of a dark coloured hedge with pointy leaves.

As a young child my mother age appropriately explains Hitler. I think, "Why would an adult be so cruel? Don't only children make bad decisions?" - Mid shot from a low angle of a bay window. The sky is grey but bright enough to blackout the cushions sitting beneath the windowsill.

As a young child my parents tell me they are separating. I think, "But I thought you loved each other? What does love look like then? What a fool I've been." - Close up, high angle of a dirty sheepskin rug on the floor.

At 17 I am told that my boyfriend has just been killed in a motorbike accident. I think, "He's too young. Death waits for no one and gives no warning?" - Close up, high angle of escalator teeth coming together, folding under each other. This one is a moving image as the new information was given to me while I was moving.

As a young woman my best friend tells me he is in love with me. I think, "This must be happiness. How lucky am I?"- Medium shot, low angle of the side and underside of a bridge over the motorway. The sky is overcast but bright. Another moving image.