Saturday, February 14, 2009

Waiting for the phone to ring

I'm waiting by the phone. My best friend is about to give birth. (She is not the women in the photos below...That is another friend.) The reason I'm waiting so tentatively is that I am to be there with her. She texted me this morning to say her contractions have been 10 minutes apart since 4am. Today could be the day. Valentines Day. I'm excited and scared....This is her first child. She needs me there. It's so humbling to be needed like that. I remember when I needed her that badly too. She slept with me the first night on my own after my first love died. The death of my boyfriend was a near fatal blow to my 17 year young life. She held me all night. So tonight could be the time I have the chance to repay the favour....She deserves to be happy. I hope I can be the support and confidence she needs from me.

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