Tuesday, August 5, 2008

She tells me they're seperating

I have some friends that aren't the types of friends I thought I would have ever made. Very sensible. He's a manager in a large insurance company, she's a full time mum and part time accountant for a small business. They have a nice suburban home in a beautiful new subdivision....Double garage...two cats, large family portraits in expensive frames on the walls...Am I painting a picture? We were kind of forced into a friendship with them as their two boys become close friends with ours and we'd always meet at kindy xmas parties, birthdays and on the soccer sidelines. As the familiarity grew, over the years so too did our friendship.

Today she dropped a bomb. They have decided to separate. She told me this as all four boys were yelling and playing together. (My youngest had been playing with her youngest at their place while I took the older boys to soccer practice.) Nobody knows yet...They made the decision on Sunday night...Still yet to tell the boys...I'm the only one that knows.

We couldn't talk then. I'm going over tomorrow afternoon. The two younger boys can play together while she reveals the heartache over tea and cookies. They will be none the wiser of the doom that is about to break their little hearts.....It happened to me when I was seven...I can still remember the physical pain in my chest when my parents told me they didn't love each other.

I'm the first to know. This is what life is all about. Loneliness is a crippling disease. I hope I can make a difference in this world......Let me start by loving my neighbor.

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