Monday, October 11, 2010

Now that 30 Day Challenge is over...My Plan for my Blog

I'm torn between thinking this blogging thing is a bit of narcissistic crap or that it's a good discipline and a great chance for the regular practice of writing. I'm gonna believe the later for now. Gonna believe I need the practice of writing regularly in the hope that one day something good will come of it. Feel free to join me on this journey. Or not. I might bore you or touch a nerve. Again, l'll aim for the later.

I've had a colourful life. (All 33 years of it.) I have plenty of stories to tell. (As does everyone.) Not all pleasant. Some hopeful, some sad, some fucked up, some sexy, some funny, some scary. I'll try my hand at all of them in due course. Better out then in. (Is what they say.) Over the course of my life I have kept most stuff in....Which lead me to depression and loneliness in my mid to late 20s. However, I found that once I started sharing creatively, my anger dispersed and I was able to find meaning and peace. In sharing I found I wasn't alone after all. On that principle alone, I would like to share more.

Here I aim to kill two birds with one stone: "Posting secrets" while gaining more writing experience.

I will probably regret most of what I write. But I'm sick of being fear's bitch. I'd rather regret what I've done, than what I haven't and wished I had.

On the days when I feel I'm struggling, I will rely on the following website for inspiration:

You don't owe me anything. Don't read my blog if it upsets or bores you.

I've said these things before and nothing has come of it....We'll see...


Carla said...

you rock my socks :) well done!

carlie_star said...

good on you I am enjoying reading your blog your honesty is refreshing like a drink of cold water on a hot day

i admire you in so many ways
your writing really hooks me in
it is great that you are letting it all out in such a creative and honest way
I am the same have been keeping it all inside for so long and so instinctively that I don't even know whats in there!
i feel like i have been living numb acting out of my survival kits now I see I have been carrying huge wounds without knowing it hurts to acknowledge them and I have been in a lot of pain but it is also freedom to expose the wounds and finally start to heal.