Friday, March 12, 2010

Thinking back

I have to write an essay. About how Maltese Pagans compare to Pagans globally. It's a compulsory subject that I have been given. I don't often think about Pagans to be honest. Such a small minority and hardly visible within my culture. But this assignment did get me thinking back to a time when I did actually used to know a few Pagans personally.

They were an interesting group of women. (And one brother.) Not all lesbians but perhaps bisexual at least. My best friend at the time introduced me to this lovely, ragtag bunch of outcasts. She was their "alpha female". (if there is such a thing.) I was the "odd" one in this bunch because I was straight and even more oddly a Christian. Despite this they accepted me (somewhat cautiously) into their "family". I never did involve myself in their rituals or even inquire what their beliefs were. (Youthful foolishness and fear of the unknown.) But we'd go out (mainly to the gay bars) and we'd share our laughter and terrible dancing. And in the quiet of long road trips and lying under the stars, we'd find peace and comfort in a shared humanity.

I wonder why life can't be this easy sometimes? Love and Grace walk hand in hand.

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