Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Saying it with flowers again

My lovely 6 year old son knows how to brighten my day. Just like he often does, he came in from outside with his hand behind his back. "Mummy, I have something for you and Daddy to share." Thinking I knew what to expect, I turned away from the computer and smiled, ready to receive the usual small, crumpled daisy snatched from our overgrown lawns.

Instead he whipped out these! (mercilessly torn from our flowering bush at the back, but it's the thought that counts.)

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Annie Blackberry said...

oh my gosh, those flowers are beautiful! :)

ummm...if you put the speech marks around the annie blackberry it doesn't work and you need to not enter it into the member name bit (that's 'starfly' but just into 'all listings'). let me know if that helps!! :)

lovely to get your message :)